The SquareOne™ Platform

The SquareOne™ Platform Is The Roadmap Used By STRAINWISE® Consulting To Successfully Deliver Consistent Results To Cannabis Clients.

Phase One:

Market Entry Services

1.1 Opportunity Assessment

STRAINWISE® Consulting provides all clients an in-depth evaluation of the opportunities in the cannabis industry available to them. We help you decide whether the opportunity is feasible and how it should be pursued to maximize success. This is a great tool that can be used for raising capital.

1.2 Licensing Support

Our licensing support team at STRAINWISE® Consulting is comprised of a unique mixture of legal and compliance specialists, business analysts, business managers, and industry experts having extensive experience across all the various industry verticals. We leverage our team to prepare a concise and complete package for licensing in every state.

Phase Two:

Operational Readiness And Launch Services

2.1 Disciplined Program & Project Management

At this stage, STRAINWISE® Consulting will assist the client in detailing how their project will be achieved including details of all outside resources that are required to achieve their goals as described in the opportunity assessment.

2.2 Design & Build Out

The project managers at STRAINWISE® Consulting will establish a time line, organize, and oversee all aspects of the project to ensure it is ready for implementation in a timely manner.

2.3 Operational Launch

The team at STRAINWISE® Consulting will ensure that you are ready for launch at every step. This includes branding assistance, staffing, training, packaging and labeling, advertising, and compliance.

Phase Three:

Continued Operational Excellence And Advisory Services

3.1 Ongoing Consultation

Constant and ongoing improvement is never ending. STRAINWISE® Consulting will be there to help along the way for as long as you need us. We provide a vast array of advisory services to help ensure that you are ahead of the competition.

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