Management Team

Erin Phillips

President/ Chief Executive Officer

Erin is recognized as having consulted on and obtained the first recreational cannabis sales license in the world for one of her clients, The Annie's: A STRAINWISE® Branded Dispensary in Central City, CO. She has lead the renegade and outlaw industry into a reputable business model which is both sustainable as well as mainstream. By accomplishing this daunting task, she has become THE visionary in the cannabis space. With a rare combination of 13 years experience in the mortgage industry as a business owner, audit and funding leader, title company closing executive, mortgage loan expert, and loan originator, Erin has become an expert in start-ups, leadership and what it takes to succeed in the cannabis space. Erin brings years of branding, retail sales experience, advertising, marketing, and operational guidance to those seeking to establish, expand, or rehabilitate their cannabis businesses.

As the CEO of Strainwise, Erin is committed to growing the company and cannabis industry through powerful and successful client interactions, robust education, rule making group participation; thereby continuing to positively disrupt the growing marijuana business world.

Along with her position as a mother and step-mother of four children, her additional experiences include her diverse background of charity and non-profit work, along with her volunteer work with several large Down Syndrome organizations, hospitals, homeowners associations and national sports groups.

Jay Kotzker

General Counsel

Jay is experienced in all areas of intellectual property and cannabis law, including brand development and protection; guiding clients through cannabis business licensing, compliance, and operational issues. With respect to cannabis compliance, Jay has been an active participant in various state and local stakeholder working groups, which are vital to the drafting and revising of state and local laws affecting cannabis businesses. Jay is an expert advisor for supported businesses on legal developments and regulations affecting production, transportation, microbial, potency and pesticide testing, and compliant handling and sale of cannabis and cannabis products. He has drafted numerous Standard Operating Procedures affecting pesticide use, green waste and legal compliance touching all areas of compliant cannabis business operations.

When Jay is not in the office he enjoys spending time with his three children, coaching soccer, mentoring high schoolers and enjoying all of the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer.

Sean Eubanks

Vice President of Business Development

Vice President of Business Development, Sean Eubanks is a creative and inventive thinker who sees in the cannabis industry a boundary that can be pushed forward and onward. Sean has many years of brand development, sales, and management expertise that has made him not afraid to work outside his comfort zone. He possesses superb communication skills and is someone who can build up rapport easily, discover clients’ real needs, find out exactly what they need, and then present them with a wide range of services and solutions that fit their needs. Disciplined in business and personal life, Sean has a track record of achieving and exceeding the standards of performance set out for any scale projects. Sean lends his business leadership to Strainwise by building relationships with clients who are seeking expertise in the marijuana industry and guiding them to success.

His extraordinary discipline and ethics have helped him in the business world as well as his personal life. Sean is a world-class athlete, published author, and founder of a non-profit organization for children.

AJ Obando

Director of Branding and Marketing

Dynamic, performance-driven, and an all-around creative individual, AJ enjoys getting his hands dirty with anything from ingenious web design to advertising and marketing of the Strainwise brand. AJ creates and maintains the outward facing brand while keeping it compliant to state regulations. In addition to all of this creative work, AJ also designs cohesive marketing campaigns across multiple platforms using advanced interactive computer graphic design to embrace marketing head on. Having developed strategies that have had 60x ROI for previous clients, he brings an understanding of marketing outside the social norms of our heavily regulated industry. For all of the Strainwise Consulting clients, AJ is the go to for essential creative juice when designing their brands.

Outside of the business realm AJ enjoys hanging out with his family and enjoying the beautiful Colorado mountains.

Bethany Niebauer

Vice President of Regulatory Compliance and Licensing

Bethany has an impressive history of license application writing that gets results. She articulates value, develops messaging, and delivers strategically written applications for cannabis entrepreneurs. Bethany is passionate about legal cannabis and believes that the state-specific model provides an interesting new challenge each time a state legalizes cannabis. Her expertise and knowledge of the state requirements for an application are astronomical. Clients love how she is able to distil complex issues and ideas into language that is easily digestible for a cannabis entrepreneur and cannabis regulators alike. Bethany’s completed applications are always in line with the client’s mission, values, and goals. Bethany is passionate about human rights and is strongly supporting the cannabis legalization throughout the country.

Additionally, she is an accomplished writer and editor. She has been asked to edit three novels and one poetry anthology. Bethany enjoys the outdoors, knitting and hanging out with her two polydactyl cats.

John Walsh Jr.

Chief Accounting Officer

John Walsh, Jr., a GAAP consultant, as well as an accounting, financial and management services consultant, is presently serving the Company as the acting Chief Accounting Officer. John is a retired partner from the audit practice of the international accounting firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (“Deloitte”). He has over 40 years of experience in the accounting and financial services industry, including reporting requirements and GAAP oversight for publicly registered companies. Subsequent to his professional association with Deloitte, John has provided independent consulting services to such companies as AT&T Broadband (now Comcast), the Casualty Insurance Division of CNA Financial, the Construction Division of Lafarge North America, and Crown Media (the Hallmark cable and movie channel). At Crown Media, John served as their interim Chief Financial Officer for a three year period. He has responsibility for assisting management of STRAINWISE® in all phases of the accounting, financial, cash management and public compliance reporting processes of the Company.